New dishes coming to our table this October

Our chefs are really excited to be bringing new street food creations to our table this Autumn, landing October 2018. Think plant-based delights and modern twists on traditional Sri Lankan recipes, inspired by our very own parents' kitchens… 😋

🤫BOSSMAN’S TIP: Check out the Snake Gourd (a warm dish in an amazing sauce… it’s so good for you!)

Anger Management £4 (VG) (GF)
“Kohila” is a spinous marshy super herb used widely for food and meds...  it’s known to cool you.

Snake Gourd £3.5 (VG) (GF)
Not SNAKE. Strange in appearance, name (Pathola) It’s taste resembles cucumber & celery. Bossman’s secret detox.

Grumpy J Salad £3.5 (VG) (GF)
Also known as KOS MALLUM - green jackfruit, scraped coconuts, turmeric and chopped jack fruit seeds. This one is the big brother of Dirty Jack. A cold dish that’s really tasty!


Dirty Girtie’s take on Eve’s PUD £4.5
Secret recipe from the Fernandos, made with custard and chopped caramelised pineapples and obviously other secret ingredients.

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