TCT @ The British Dal Festival

We are super excited to be joining The 2019 British Dal Festival, with a custom-made TCT dahl popping up on our menu for the period of the festival ~ 10th – 17th February. 💪🏾💚🇬🇧

Dahl please no guilt

A rocking TCT mix of red lentils, coconut, turmeric, cumin, spinach & more.

dal festival.jpg

Based in Bristol, The British Dal Festival is a nationwide celebration of all things dal (dahl) and similar dishes of beans, peas, lentils and other pulses - “delicious and nutritious seeds for a sustainable future”.

The second British Dal Festival will run for the week from Sunday 10th February 2019, expected to be designated by the United Nations as the first ever World Pulse Day in recognition of the contribution pulses make to health, nutrition, food security, biodiversity and fighting climate change.

The festival’s Dal Trail will see eateries across the country bringing pulses to the fore and shining a spotlight on their magic, by offering at least one dal or other dish of beans, peas, lentils or chickpeas through the week.