New dishes hitting the menu this April....😋

Our chefs are really excited to be bringing new street food creations to our table this Spring, landing April 2019. Think plant-based delights and modern twists on traditional Sri Lankan recipes, inspired by our very own parents' kitchens… 😋

Gova Mallun
Lightly stir fried crunchy cabbage with turmeric and coconut shavings.

Bonchi Baduma
Green beans, smashed green chillies, tasty greens!

Beetroot Mallun
Shaved beetroot lightly cooked to perfection with a sweet kick!

🤯 Squid and Prawn Curry
Gramps favourite curry, bursting with rich flavours & spices slow cooked with tomatoes, turmeric, pandan leaves, cardamom & black pepper.

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