Jay Rayner Review for The Observer

“Laid back, cheap and full of charm, The Coconut Tree captures the vivid flavour of Sri Lanka.”

Top food critic Jay Rayner recently stopped by TCT Cheltenham to sample Sri Lankan street food, TCT-style. Check out his review at TheGuardian.com

jay rayner.jpg

“It’s easy to see why it’s succeeded. There is a raucous rough-edged enthusiasm to the food, all which comes at great speed in white and blue prison-style enamelware. “

“The Coconut Tree manages that rare trick of being totally laid-back and completely on point at the same time. It also happens to tell a terrific story about Sri Lanka; one that comes with a small bill to finish. That’s a perfect happy ending.”

Book a table to see what all the fuss is about…. 💚🌴