Do Sri Lankans Love Cricket? Is that a trick question?

🏏🏏🏏🏏 Sri Lankans love cricket the way Brits love football. It's the country's very own beautiful game. Cricket brings everyone from young to old together in a way nothing else does. The games are a perfect excuse to spend a day eating, drinking and generally merry-making in the sun with family and friends. 

No matter national or school level games they'll have one thing in common; a carnival atmosphere. There are traditional Sri Lankan papare bands, cheering, street food and copious amounts of Lion Lager consumed through the day. Faces will be painted, colourful wigs worn and team shirts displayed. Win or lose one thing is for certain - a great deal of fun will be had by all. 

Image (& main image) : Battle of the Blues - S.Thomas' Photographic Club

Image (& main image) : Battle of the Blues - S.Thomas' Photographic Club

One of the most popular matches is nicknamed Battle of the Blues and played between two boys' schools in Colombo. S. Thomas' and Royal College. They've been playing an uninterrupted game for 140 years. The ceremony around this match is steeped in schools' traditions and draws a crowd larger than a national game. This three day event takes place annually and is without doubt one of the sporting highlights of the city. Street parades prelude game day and gridlock most of Colombo. Pupils past and presents, parents, well wishers and supporters all join in. This particular game kicks off March Madness in Sri Lanka referring to the entire month where the island's schools play against each other. Each school follows their own traditions and parades and their teams battle it out for trophies and bragging rights.

National games in Sri Lanka are watched and celebrated in every corner of the island. Every ball, every run and every wicket is scrutinised and debated in tea shops, school playgrounds and homes. Families will gather around their television, food will be prepared and the day will most certainly be dedicated to the game. That is simply the Sri Lankan way.

So how amazing that everyone will be able to experience this celebration of the game at the Cricket World Cup this year. Those lucky to be in Bristol can join us when Sri Lanka plays to cheer your own team with us or experience the carnival that is cricket in Sri Lanka. If not you can still experience a little bit of March Madness, without having to jet off all that way, by joining our Coconut Carnival. There's one coming right up in June. Either way, The Coconut Tree will be the best place to grab yourself a Drunken Sri Lankan and celebrate a summer of cricket. 

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