TCT at Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival

This September we’re bringing you The Coconut Stories Supper Club to TCT Cheltenham as part of Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival…get your tickets now!

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The Coconut Stories 

Tuesday 10th September, 6.30-10pm

With the multitude of greens, vegetables, lentils, cashew nuts and coconut milk, Sri Lankan food is said to be one of the healthiest ways of eating, and with The Coconut Tree's ethos of: “everyone is welcome to the table,”  you will experience true Sri Lankan hospitality at this very special supper club.

On arrival you will be presented with a deliciously crafted Cocotail, before being seated to enjoy one of The Coconut Tree's signatures 'The Drunken Sri Lankan'. 

You will hear from Naveen, General Manager and business partner Rodrigo Rashin, all about The Coconut Tree's story, the heritage of Sri Lankan food and culture, and the incredible Ruby Fund, a real life Elephant, for which the proceeds from your cocotails contribute to setting her free into the wild. 

Next, get ready for non-stop Hoppers with two live Hopper demonstration tables, before a tasting banquet like no other, that covers every dietary requirement and is utterly bespoke on the night. To finish, there will be a selection of sweets such as Watalappam and some very special Treacle Hoppers that will delight your taste buds.

All of this will take place from 7.00-9.30pm whilst being surrounded by the protective gaze of the Sri Lankan Masks, who looking down on diners from the walls are said to ward off evil spirits.

  • 18.30hr - Arrival - Arrive promptly at 18.30pm for your arrival cocotail, before being seated at your table to enjoy your Drunken Sri Lankan Experience in aid of the Ruby Fund. 

  • 18.45hr - The Coconut Tree Story - Naveen and Rodrigo will share the history and culture of the Coconut tree in a brief introduction before a live cookery demonstration. 

  • 19.00hr - Live Hopper Demonstration - Experience the spectacle of our live hopper demonstration as we show you how to make this staple of Sri Lankan cuisine; a rice and coconut crepe. 

  • 19.15hr - 21.30hr Let The Coconut Feast Commence - You'll be served a feast of dishes full of the incredible flavours of Sri Lanka.

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