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Bristol, Banksy And You

Bristol; the city we love so much that we planted two coconuts on its shores. Yes, let it be known that there are two places where you can experience The Coconut Tree in Bristol. With Bristol being a major foodie hub we had to make sure that we threw Sri Lankan street food in to the mix along Gloucester Road. We fell in love with the bohemian, independent vibe of it. Then of course Clifton Triangle happened because it just had to.

The city that’s renowned as the birth place of the most elusive street artist in the world has captured our hearts. Whether it be the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge, the cool cosmopolitan vibe or the city’s street art we are simply awed by Bristol. With so much happening you might like to know what our most favourite Bristol thing is. Well, it would have to be the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta held every August.

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How will we be celebrating this amazing city? Well, we’d like you to come on over and share a Ruby’s Mum cocotailΒ with your friends. It has coconut rum, Arrack, guava and passion fruit all in one. Have a little browse through our cocotail menu and you will also find our most popular cocotail – Keeper of the Drunken Sri Lankan. It contains Ceylon Arrack, ginger beer, Cointreau, turmeric and lime. Yum! This however, is not what makes them so special. We think you’ll love the story behind the cocotails.


Ruby is a baby elephant that lives at The Elephant Transit Home run by The Department of Wildlife and Conservation in Sri Lanka. Rockland Distillery, in Sri Lanka which makes our @ceylonarrack, has fostered Ruby and takes care of all expenses connected to her welfare. So every time you order a cocotail with Arrack in it a percentage of what you pay goes towards a better life for Ruby and her friends at the Elephant Transit Home. Isn’t that great? We knew you’d love the story behind your drink.

So, come on over and enjoy some Sri Lankan Arrack with us. We’re sure that if Ruby could speak she would thank Bristol, Banksy and you. 

Bringing us all things Sri Lanka, straight from the elephant’s mouth, is travel blogger and all-round island girl Demi Perera. Demi is the creator and editor of her own popular e-zine Girl Travels World. In her spare time she loves to recline on her hammock under a coconut tree. What we have here is a match made in heaven… πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘