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Tct @ Silverstone F1

You may have heard that we were invited to the British Grand Prix 2021, if not where have you been?! We were absolutely buzzing to show off our Sri Lankan street food to hungry VIP’s in the official Silverstone Mahiki F1 VIP enclosure.

Experiencing that kind of energy and noise at the famous track is a unique experience, sprinkle in some explosive Sri Lankan flavours and you have a recipe that is going to produce some awesome vibes, which is exactly what we did! 💚

We brought some fresh dishes to the event, along with our classics, which went hand in hand with the wheel to wheel racing! Mutton Rolls & Pineapple Chutney go perfectly with a Lewis Hamilton victory (trust us).  The menu was a massive hit with our VIP guests and celebs who kept coming back for more! 


However, this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the incredible TCT team! Working 12 hour shifts in the heat, Beccy said that it was hotter than Sri Lanka 😂. However, we’re not going to complain as we loved every minute of our stay.

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The team got to enjoy themselves with some exclusive VIP access and even some grandstand action, Rodge and Ollie even managed to see Lewis crossing the line to take a historic and momentous victory! 🏆 #lovelewis

The view we had from our enclosure was epic, as from one side you could see the track in front of us, which certainly made the time fly by. And, there was also time for the crew to get up to some mischief and take part in some Mahiki limbo and join the party later!

Apart from the on track action, which was spicy, there was plenty to entertain everyone and as you can see in these behind the scene pics, we managed to bring Sri Lanka to the former WW2 airbase. What an enclosure built by Gorilla events in less than a week, it certainly gave our VIPs Sri Lankan energy.🔥

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Our enclosure was also facing the DJ set, where Craig Charles, Faithless and Becky Hill were all performing, just adding to the amazing buzz of Silverstone and our little island.

Silverstone is the pinnacle of racing, and it shows by just how many turn up to the weekend. Apparently the population of Silverstone increases by 5515% on the race weekend, all of which obviously came to our shack 😉.

The noise isn’t as deafening as it used to be, coz the cars are so damn awesome now, but when they passed you by; you needed to make sure you brought a megaphone or your incredibly loud Dad, if you wanted to have a chat with your friends. But if you’re a regular coconut, you’ll know that our mantra is DON’T expect the volume to stay down too long, so we loved the noise! ✌🔊

It was just the best weekend ever, and we are so grateful for Mahiki and Silverstone for inviting us as part of their VIP family and organising everything in such a short space of time!

Big TCT love x 🌴💚