Cocotail Category: Low, no or add

Sunrise surprise

Sunrise surprise

Tanqueray 0% Gin, Nix Mix Blood Orange & Turmeric No sugars, more vibes! Tanqueray 0% mixed with Nix Kix Blood Orange & Turmeric. A lightly sparkling natural Orange & Turmeric drink with a touch of cayenne to send your taste buds crazy! 6

Fallen porn star

fallen pornstar

Light & Zesty Caleño, Coconut, Pineapple & Passion Fruit Non-Alcoholic Porn Star blending our fave light & zesty tropical flavours, with passion fruit puree, pineapple juice, coconut & pineapple syrup 6


Pi no Colada

Coconut Cream & Pineapple Juice A non-alcoholic version of the island classic! Rich coconut cream & fresh pineapple juice, served in a freshly carved pineapple! 8