Menu Category: Veg + vegan

Five cs salad (VG)(GF)

A zesty mix of 5Cs carrots, coriander, chilli, coconut & cucumber (34kcal)


One for our vegan tribe, fresh kale tossed with onion, grated coconut, tomatoes & lime (33kcal)


Green, firm, unripe mango gently softened in a coconut sauce, it’s sweet, tangy & sour at the same time (314kcal)

Parippu dahl (vg)(gf)

Red lentils cooked in coconut milk (332kcal)

Stir fried chickpeas (vg)(gf)

Stir fried in coconut oil, onions, garlic, mustard seeds, coconut chunks, curry leaves & crushed chillies (380kcal)

Cashew nuts (vg)(gf)

Cashew nuts & green peas cooked in coconut cream (455kcal)

Fat sister (vg)(gf)

Tender pumpkin cooked in coconut cream, curry leaves, pandan leaves & mustard seeds (136kcal)

Cheesy colombo (v)(gf)

An off the scale FAVE! Colombo style fried cheese cubes with sticky sauce (a typical street food NO, but a family FAVE that’s hit it off UK side) (721kcal)

Hot battered mushrooms (vg)(gf)

Polenta battered button mushrooms mixed with spicy caramelised onions (226kcal)

Sri-tato (vg)(gf)

Roast potatoes lightly fired & spiced Sri Lankan style (320kcal)