TCT Takeaway

CAN’T COME TO US? THEN WE’LL COME TO YOU! 🤗 Get your TCT fix by takeaway! Order direct for collection or delivery

Takeaway Menu

Short eats



Three crispy balls filled with quality British minced lamb, big island flavours & a pot of tangy pineapple ketchup (155kcal)

Wadey Wadey 4 (GF) (VG)


Madly popular in Colombo, these crispy bite-sized beauties pack a chilli punch with warm spices mixed with yellow lentils bringing all the flavour. Dip em!

Veg + vegan

Parippu dahl (vg)(gf)


Red lentils cooked in coconut milk (332kcal)

Hot battered mushrooms (vg)(gf)


Polenta battered button mushrooms mixed with spicy caramelised onions (226kcal)

Cheesy colombo (v)(gf)


An off the scale FAVE! Colombo style fried cheese cubes with sticky sauce (a typical street food NO, but a family FAVE that’s hit it off UK side) (721kcal)

Cashew nuts (vg)(gf)


Cashew nuts & green peas cooked in coconut cream (455kcal)

Stir fried chickpeas (vg)(gf)


Stir fried in coconut oil, onions, garlic, mustard seeds, coconut chunks, curry leaves & crushed chillies (380kcal)

Sri-tato (vg)(gf)


Roast potatoes lightly fired & spiced Sri Lankan style (320kcal)

Fat sister (vg)(gf)


Tender pumpkin cooked in coconut cream, curry leaves, pandan leaves & mustard seeds (136kcal)



Green, firm, unripe mango gently softened in a coconut sauce, it’s sweet, tangy & sour at the same time (314kcal)

Coconut sambol (vg)(gf)


A fresh coconut relish blended with shallots & spicy green chillies (244kcal)



One for our vegan tribe, fresh kale tossed with onion, grated coconut, tomatoes & lime (33kcal)

Five cs salad (VG)(GF)


A zesty mix of 5Cs carrots, coriander, chilli, coconut & cucumber (34kcal)

Meats + fish

Salmon, say whaaat? (gf)


TCT takes on the UK’s fave fish & the salmon takes on coconut milk infused with garlic, onion, turmeric, curry leaves & chilli. A TCT FIRST & A MUST TRY! (365kcal)

Hot battered spicy cuttlefish (gf)


Polenta battered cuttlefish mixed with spicy caramelised onions (209kcal)

🤯 chicken curry on the bone (gf)


On the menu by popular demand from friends and family, a typical Sri Lankan curry (408kcal)

🤯 devilled chicken wings


Fried chicken wings in a spicy sticky sauce, mixed with peppers (238kcal)

Jaffna goat curry (gf)


Slow cooked goat in Jaffna spices. A special recipe from back home, courtesy of Chef’s Dad (425kcal)

Black pork (gf)


Pork belly slow cooked in roasted TCT spices, a secret FAVE mix courtesy of our ‘Granny Gertie’ 💚 (794kcal)


V-gan fried rice (vg)(gf)


Wok fried with Carrots, Onions & Leeks. ⬆️ No Egg ⬇️ Yes Egg (NO DRAMA) (356kcal)




Kotthu 😋

This fine example of Sri Lankan street food is served all over the country. It’s made with finely chopped roti with egg, vegetables &/or meat

V-gan (vg)


Kotthu (481kcal)

Veggie & cheese (v)


Kotthu (+381kcal)

Chicken & cheese


Kotthu (+538kcal)

Veggie (v)


Kotthu (+89kcal)

Curried chicken (fave)


Kotthu (+173kcal)





Parotta roti (vg)


Sri Lankan flatbreads (recommended to accompany curries & devilled dishes) (240kcal)


Seeni Sambol (Vg)(Gf)


Onions caramelised with a hint of cinnamon (86kcal)

🍆 Brinjal Moju (Vg)(Gf)


Proudly pickled aubergine (140kcal)

Tct Chilli Paste (Vg)(Gf)


Not for the faint-hearted (122kcal)


🤯 – Sri Lankan Spicy 😋 – Large Dishes
V – Vegetarian / VG – Vegan / GF – Gluten Free

Please note – singular dishes come when they’re ready!
If you would like any dishes together, please let us know!