Menu Category: Meats + fish

Salmon, say whaaat? (gf)

TCT takes on the UK’s fave fish & the salmon takes on coconut milk infused with garlic, onion, turmeric, curry leaves & chilli. A TCT FIRST & A MUST TRY! (365kcal)

Jaffna goat curry (gf)

Slow cooked goat in Jaffna spices. A special recipe from back home, courtesy of Chef’s Dad (425kcal)

🤯 devilled chicken wings

Fried chicken wings in a spicy sticky sauce, mixed with peppers (238kcal)

🤯 chicken curry on the bone (gf)

On the menu by popular demand from friends and family, a typical Sri Lankan curry (408kcal)

Hot battered spicy cuttlefish (gf)

Polenta battered cuttlefish mixed with spicy caramelised onions (209kcal)

Black pork (gf)

Pork belly slow cooked in roasted TCT spices, a secret FAVE mix courtesy of our ‘Granny Gertie’ 💚 (794kcal)