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Don Julio, 100% Blue Agave Tequila, Lemon, Mint & Honey Not for the faint-hearted but easy on the head: pure hand crafted double shots of El Rayo – a smooth sweet flavour, squeeze of lemon, tear of mint & drop of honey. 10

Sri lankan cinnamon old fashioned


Bulleit Bourbon, Ceylon Arrack, TCT Bitters, Coconut ice ball A twist on the prohibition classic: coconut arrack infused with cinnamon, smoking bitters, Bulleit Bourbon served with a giant soothing coconut ice ball. A wicked kick with a soft landing! 8

The drunken sri lankan

The drunken Sri Lankan

Ceylon Arrack, Turmeric infused Cointreau, Fresh Lime, Spicy Ginger Beer A fiery mix of Sri Lankan whisky made from coconut flower sap, with native flavours turmeric & lime, topped with ginger beer 8.50

Raspbangin martini

Rasp Banging martini

Absolute Vanilla Vodka, (NEW) Moose Liqueur, Fresh Raspberries and Fresh Lemon Absolut Vanilla Vodka with hints of maple syrup, mint, gentian & nettle. Fresh crushed raspberries & a squeeze of lemon. 8.50

Hit me up mezcal

Hit me up mezcal

Casamigo Mezcal, Cointreau, Coriander & Sri Lankan Treacle Big G Clooney’s original Casamigo Mezcal, shake it baby, with Cointreau for a smoky sweet taste. A touch of Sri Lankan Kithul Treacle & a Coriander kick. 10

Now or never negroni


Colombo No.7 Gin, Suze & Belsazar White Vermouth Sri Lankan botonical Gin, Suze gentian root liqueur & Belsazar White Vermouth. Island botonical flavours in combo with a sour smacking lolly. 9